Parts of the Aircraft

As you walk around the airplane, inspecting it in preparation for flight, try to remember what all the components are. Ask your flight instructor, or someone from your school's maintenance unit to identify anything you aren't sure of. This isn't a complete walkaround, just a few pictures.

Air intakes

Cessna 150 front viewUnder normal operating conditions, air enters through the square black engine air intake under the landing light and goes to the carburetor.

When the carb heat knob is pulled out, air comes instead through the carb heat intake. Air from the carb heat intake passes through a shroud around the exhaust manifold, heating the air before it reaches the carburetor.

The picture shows a Cessna 150.  In a C152 or a C172 the carb heat intake is the open area of the cowling around the nose gear, underneath the normal engine air intake.

When the cabin heat is selected on, air coming through the cabin heat intake is similarily heated around the exhaust manifold.  

The spinner has nothing to do with air intakes, it's just in the picture.

Cessna with open cowlingThe second picture shows a different Cessna with the cowling off. If you follow the orange hoses from the air intakes to the exhaust shrouds, you can see how the air is heated. The exhaust never touches the intake air, but the intake air passes around part of the exhaust manifold, like you wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee.

If you have a chance to see the airplane you fly while it is in the maintenance hangar, take advantage of it. You'll see a similar arrangement.  Follow the hoses carefully to figure out which intake is for carburetor heat and which is for cabin heat.

This page written 10 November 2003 by Robyn Stewart. 
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