Pilot Licence Statistics

Student Pilots

There are approximately 10,000 student pilots in Canada. In the last twelve months just under 2,000 private pilot licences have been issued.  If the rate is consistent, that suggests that one in five student pilots will finish the licence. That roughly agrees with what I see as an instructor.  Usually it is a change in a person's situation resulting in money or time issues that stops a person's flight training. Rarely does a pilot stop training because of lack of desire or ability.

Female Aeroplane Pilots in Canada

6.5% of private licence holders are female.
7.0% of commercial licence holders are female
3.6% of airline transport licence holders are female

6.0% of all Canadian aeroplane licences are held by females
5.2% of all Canadians licenced to work as airplane pilots (CPL or ATPL) are women. That's roughly one in twenty airplane pilots.

These statistics were drawn from Transport Canada's site, here, using March 2003 data.

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