This is the US version of Tomato Flames.  I recommend that Canadians DON'T read it, so you don't get mixed up.  I put it up here because "tomato flames" is consistently in the top five searches that people use to find my page, so students out there must desperately need this information.  I took this version from an EAA newsletter.  You can bet that there are other versions out there.

T- Tachometernon-flaming tomato
O - Oil pressure gauge
M - Manifold pressure gauge
A - Altimeter
T - Temperature gauge for each liquid cooled engine
O - Oil temperature gauge

F - Fuel gauge
L - Landing gear position indicator
A - Airspeed indicator
M - Magnetic direction indicator (compass)
S - Seatbelts

The differences are minor.  Canadian pilots are required to have timepieces and are required to carry more survival and emergency equipment than US aircraft. We all need seatbelts, but I didn't put them in my version because the CARs don't list them in the same place as the other equipment.

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