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I no longer fly out of Chilliwack. I just haven't deleted this page yet.

Chilliwack Weather

NavCanada Pacific Region METARs and TAFs
To get a good idea of the Chilliwack weather, check the boxes for Hope and Abbotsford, then average the clouds and visibility.

Chilliwack Five Day Forecast
Not intended for aviation use, but might help you decide whether you should paint the house or try doing your 300 nm cross country this weekend.

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This page written 12 December 2002 by Robyn Stewart.  Last revised 12 December 2004.  

Robyn's Flying Start Home
Cessna 150 head on

Aircraft Specs
Speeds and weights for Pro Wings aircraft

Routes and instructions for your cross-country flights

MY Student Days
A diary of Robyn herself learning to fly

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