Praise for Robyn's Flying Start

I'm not one to toot my own horn, so I let you all toot it for me. You are all welcome. It is my pleasure to help you.

Your Comments 

"You should be knighted by the Queen, with the approval of Transport Canada, all in behalf of aviation safety!!" -S.E.

"Thanks for this valuable web contribution to general aviation." -M.L.

"I thoroughly enjoy your writing and explainations (not to mention, it beats paying $45/hr asking my flight instructor about them!!) -D.A.

"Once again - great site - if they had saints for Canadian aviation - you'd be well on your way." -T.S.

"Thanks for a terrific resource.  I'm certain that your students find you to be an invaluable and fascinating instructor!" -K.W.

"Congratulations on an excellent web page.  It is well organised and easy to use.  Thank you." -A.M.

"Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to produce and maintain this excellent resource!" -H.B. & L.B.

"Thank you so much for providing a great site to student pilots. Your PSTAR review is fantastic, I'm sure I'll pass it tomorrow now....!" -L-G.L.

"I found the site very painless to use, and very useful.  Your explanations seem to stick well." -H.M.

"We need more instructors like you!" -P.R.

"Your web site is by far the best resource for students that I've found on the web. It's very well designed and written, and is a pleasure to read. Your treatment of the PSTAR questions is exceptionally helpful." -J.B.

"UR A TOTAL LIFE SAVER MAN!!! Without ur site i would have gone insane. ur explanations are absolutely priceless and HILARIOUS ur a real inspiration! By the way, I got a 100%." -J

"I enjoyed your shot-from-the-hip approach and your sense of humour.  I really feel I understand the practical application of the areas covered by the PSTAR." -S.D.

"Just an e-mail to thank you on such a brilliant and informative website. Your website proved invaluable with information about Canadian procedures and regulations that will make me feel more comfortable flying in an unfamiliar country." -G.M.

"Thanks so much for your PSTAR study guide.  I found it very helpful....especially your great drawings ;-)" -J.W.

"Your site is fantastic and has made me somewhat of a hero in our ground school." -F.G.

"Thanks to the excellent walkthrough of the questions and answers, I passed my PSTAR today with 100%!!!" -T.H.

"On bended knees
... i bow to you,
with respect,
with thanks,
and with all my adoration.!" -  S.E.


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